How to Turn On Hyundai Ioniq Valet Mode

How to Turn On Hyundai Ioniq Valet Mode

To turn on the Valet mode in the Hyundai Ioniq, you need an active BlueLink account and MyHyundai with the BlueLink app installed on your smartphone. Then, go to your vehicle’s infotainment center and click valet mode. Next, tap “turn on” and enter your preferred passcode to activate valet mode.

I was recently invited to a party while on vacation at a nice hotel that had valets. But before I could look forward to the celebration, I had to get over the thought of a stranger driving my car. I was so petrified, and I even considered asking the valet to get into the car as a passenger and direct me where to park. Fortunately, a friend told me about the valet mode. I turned it on for the rest of my vacation and used the valet parking whenever possible. The valet mode gave me a refreshing and stress-free parking experience where I didn’t have to overthink parking my car. Plus, the valet mode allowed me to watch how far it’s been driven, how long, and how fast without being physically present.

This guide will show you how to set up valet mode and disable it whenever possible. I will also share quick ways to fix any challenges you have when setting up your valet mode on the Hyundai Ioniq.

Understanding Valet Mode in the Hyundai Ioniq

Valet mode in the Hyundai Ioniq is a built-in driver setting that locks your vehicle’s infotainment center. It is a vehicle security setting that temporarily disables your system when you hand over your car keys to a valet, mechanic, or service technician.

This handy feature will protect your vehicle information. So that guest drivers can’t access your contacts, previously visited locations, or other sensitive information.

How Does Valet Mode Work?

The valet mode creates a special profile for your guest drivers. This profile will only show necessary information about how they are driving the car. It would also disable the following features:

  • Restrict access to your phone book (contacts), history, and sections on your vehicle’s touchscreen.
  • Locks down your vehicle’s settings
  • Restricts visitors from making upgrades
  • Limits visitors from turning on the radio
  • Stop visiting, voice commands, and more.
  • Eliminates your home address and previously visited locations from the GPS.

Besides locking your infotainment center, the Valet mode will allow you to monitor your car via the BlueLink App. There you can see the distance driven by the guest driver, elapsed time, and highest speed attained.

If you also set up a geo-fence alert and a speed alert, you will be notified if the guest leaves the allowed area or goes above the pre-set speed limit for your vehicle. With the Valet mode, you can set up where, when, and how your guest driver can use your car.

The most fascinating thing about your BlueLink app is that it stores reports for the last three valet sessions. Once turned on, your screen will only show valet mode until you turn it off again.

Activating Valet Mode

  1. Go to Hyundai’s owners’ website,, and open a new account with the Hyundai BlueLink service (you need to do this via a desktop browser).
  2. Click “Register” to set up your account. You will need information about your vehicle’s year, model, and make, as well as your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), to complete the process.
  3. Install the BlueLink app on your phone. Open it and sign in to your Blue Link service.
  4. Turn on the vehicle and go to “settings” from the main menu of your vehicle’s infotainment center.
  5. Select BlueLink and then BlueLink Settings. Next, pick “Service Activation”. During activation, your system buttons will be locked.
  6. Now go back to the main menu and click Valet Mode.
  7. Enter your preferred four-digit passcode and re-confirm the password one more time.

Setting Up Alerts to Complement Valet Mode

After turning on the valet mode, you may wish to set some extra conditions to ensure that your driver maintains a certain speed (speed limit), the time allowed to idle in the car (idle limit), and drives within a given area (boundary limit). To set up the alert service,

  • Login to your account on the BlueLink app.
  • Go to the tab More, and then select the drop-down menu next to Valet Alert.
  • Now set a driving boundary, speed limit, and idle limit.
  • Go back to the More menu and select Geo-Fence Alert. Now set up your boundary limits.
  • Again, return to the More menu and select Speed Alert to notify you when your valet or guest driver violates these settings.

Deactivating the valet mode in Hyundai

To turn off the valet mode,

  • Enter the passcode on your vehicle’s infotainment center.
  • Alternatively, go to your MyHyundai BlueLink app, click Turn Off, and enter your passcode.

After turning it off, you will get an email with a detailed report showing the maximum speed reached during the valet session, the distance, and the length of the session.

Troubleshooting the Valet Mode

I can’t remember the passcode in Valet Mode.

If you don’t remember the password and enter the wrong passcode five times, you can only turn off the valet mode by resetting the password on your smartphone.

Another way to reset the password is via your MyHyundai owner page,

You must provide your vehicle information, including the year, model, make, and VIN.

Alternatively, you can call the Bluelink center (855-2-BLUELINK or 855-225-8354).

Valet mode refuses to show up in the car.

If you have gone to the All menu and clicked on Valet mode and it isn’t prompting you to provide a passcode or it shows “BlueLink inactive,” then you may be using an older navigation.

To fix this:

  • Go to the official Hyundai Motors Navigation Update website:
  • Download the latest navigation update to your computer first.
  • Transfer the files from your computer to your vehicle’s USB or SD card.
  • Insert the USB or SD card into its port on your vehicle’s dashboard and update your navigation system.
  • Once done, try to set up the valet mode again.

The valet mode button shows on the smartphone.

You cannot turn on the valet mode via your smartphone (but you can turn it off there). So, if the valet mode icon shows on your BlueLink app when you haven’t turned it on, there’s an error. First, the error may be with your BlueLink app. So consider uninstalling and reinstalling it again to get rid of it.

If that fails, you likely haven’t completed your information when opening your BlueLink account. Follow the steps below to update and correctly activate your Bluelink service.

  • Go to the owner’s website. Login to and click BlueLink on the top menu. Alternatively, go directly to the BlueLink sign-in page:
  • Next, select the Geo fencing picture and click the small valet tab.
  • Click on “CP user” in the upper right of the screen (if you are on your smartphone, change the view to “desktop”).
  • Selecting “CP user” takes you to a page where you can click the “Edit profile” link on the left of your screen.
  • Enter all the missing information, such as your vehicle’s model, year, and engine.
  • Also include general location, city/area, state, and country.
  • Hit the save button to return to your vehicle’s dashboard to turn on the valet mode.

The valet mode is stuck and refuses to go off.

It’s possible to use Valet mode on your Hyundai Ioniq, and then when trying to turn it off, it won’t turn off. In this case, there’s a software glitch. You can soft reset your Hyundai infotainment system or perform a hard reset. It requires the same steps.

  • For a soft reset, press the small reset hole at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.
  • For a hard reset, press the small reset hole for 5 seconds or longer until the infotainment system resets. This option makes you lose every setting you previously established.


Valet mode is a fascinating setting for maintaining confidence that your car is in safe hands when you must hand over your precious car to a valet or another guest driver. The setup only requires your BlueLink account and your MyHyundai BlueLink app, which have been correctly enabled and activated. Then you can turn on the valet mode in your car’s infotainment center.

If ever you encounter any problems when using this mode, consider refreshing your My Hyundai BlueLink app and then resetting your car’s infotainment system. If all else fails, then it’s time to call BlueLink customer service for help.

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