Fix Chevy Bolt Condition Not Correct For Shift

How to Fix Chevy Bolt Condition Not Correct For Shift

The “Condition not correct for shit” dreaded error message on Chevry Bolt Evs is usually caused by shifting gears before the car is fully initialized, a faulty 12-volt battery, an open door or hatch, or a software issue or glitch. To fix this problem, check that all doors are closed, place the key fob far away before turning off the car, or disconnect the 2-volt battery’s negative terminal for a few minutes.

Are you caught up in a car-shifts-into-park situation with your Chevy Bolt electric vehicle? Many owners have similar issues, especially on the 2021 models, where the car automatically puts itself in Park and wouldn’t shift back out. The warning sign reads, “Conditions Not Correct for Shift.

You might have pushed the OnStar button (which many people do) to explain the problem. Still, based on experience, this attempt is often futile, as you’ll likely be placed on hold for hours until you eventually need to tow the vehicle.

I’m glad you stumbled on this article because I’ve gone through this hitch and prepared this article to walk you through what the actual cause was in my case (which happened with my 2017 Bolt EV LT hatchback) as well as other potential causes I learned from my dealership along with the troubleshooting steps you can take at the moment to solve the situation.

The ‘Short-term’ Solution That Worked For Me (Twice)

I had about 100 estimated miles in my situation, but the car lost propulsion and suddenly wouldn’t shift. I initially got the error message on the voltage charging system needing service, which eventually resulted in “condition not correct for shift.”

As I waited for a tow on the road, I took my foot off the brake and restarted the vehicle after waiting for 30 seconds, and I was surprised to see things back to normal. I eventually had the 112V battery replaced to prevent further occurrences, thanks to the information from OnStar.

On another occasion, walking with the fob and turning it off eventually worked and allowed me to get home with the vehicle.

However, I’ve realized that my particular fix is not a guaranteed solution, and some people argue on the Bolt EV forum that they were unlucky with these attempts.

So I researched this defect and realized that there are four other most common causes of the “Condition Not Correct for Shit” issue.

It is a widespread problem that has left many Bolt EV owners stranded and unable to shift gears. Most eventually tow their vehicle to a dealership for further examination and repairs.

Before you take that step, try any of these troubleshooting tips, as they may be the solution to the root cause of your peculiar case.

“Condition Not Correct for Shit”: The 4 Major Causes (and Solutions)

The “condition not correct for shift” problem in a Chevy Bolt EV typically indicates an issue with the vehicle’s high-voltage system. After a productive chat with my dealership upon fixing the case with my Bolt EV, I gathered that this dreaded message comes on mostly due to four factors:

  • Battery or charging system malfunction
  • You shifted gears before the car fully initialized.
  • Software issues
  • Sensor wiring issue
  • Advanced mechanical fault

1. Battery or Charging System Malfunction

The common thing to consider is the battery pack or the vehicle’s charging system. For Bolt EVs, a dying 12V battery can cause numerous issues with the vehicle’s operation, including the “conditions not correct for shift” message.

Also, the high-voltage (HV) battery contractors might not be closed. This prevents the car from shifting, thus the message.


  • If you haven’t done it already, try contacting OnStar or a similar service to check if error codes can be detected remotely.
  • Check if the vehicle is appropriately charging when connected to a charging station. Ensure the charging cable is securely attached to the car and the charging station.
  • Any charging errors or the vehicle doesn’t charge may indicate a problem with the battery or charging system.
  • If the vehicle charges correctly, consider disconnecting and reconnecting the battery to reset the system and eliminate the shifting problem.

2. Did you shift gear before the vehicle was fully initialized?

There have also been numerous cases where Bolt owners got into the “condition not correct for shift’ problem because they attempted to shift gears before pressing the start button. So this message might have appeared because you tried to move the shift lever before pressing start.


If this is the case, you can get your Bolt EV to start working correctly by rebooting the vehicle. First, simultaneously hold down the “Home” and “Fast Forward” buttons. After ten seconds, the car should reboot.

Otherwise, disconnect the negative lead from the battery terminal of the 12V battery under the hood, wait for 10 minutes, then install it back.

3. Sensor or Sensor Wiring Issue

Oddly enough, faulty sensors or damaged sensor wiring can also cause the condition to not be correct for the shift error.

The vehicle’s control system relies on input from various sensors to determine if it is safe to shift gears.

If a sensor malfunctions or its wiring is damaged, it may provide inaccurate readings, triggering the error.


Consider inspecting the wiring harness and connectors related to the transmission and gear selector systems. Look for damage, loose connections, or corrosion. If you find any issues, repair or replace the affected wiring or connectors.

But if you have access to an OBD-II scanner or diagnostic tool, check for any fault codes related to transmission or sensor malfunctions.

If a specific sensor is identified in the fault code, consider replacing the sensor after confirming its proper functionality.

4. Mechanical Fault

In rare cases, a mechanical issue within the transmission or drivetrain components may prevent the vehicle from shifting correctly. This could include problems with the gear selector mechanism or the clutch system.


In this case, there’s nothing much you can do. You must contact your local Chevrolet dealer or service center for further assistance. But before that, check that the battery connector is seated correctly and that the positive connector is attached tightly.

5. Software Glitch

Sometimes, the “condition not correct for shift” error can be triggered by a software glitch or a communication issue between the various control modules in the vehicle.

You may need to perform a software update or recalibration of the control systems to resolve the problem.

If you’ve ruled out the previous causes and suspect a software or advanced mechanical issue, I recommend you consult a qualified technician or Chevrolet dealership.

They will have the expertise and tools to diagnose mechanical problems in the transmission or drivetrain components.

Final words

Chevrolet markets the Bolt EUV as “the industry’s first affordable, long-range electric vehicle.”

People love it for its Super Cruise feature and electronic gear shift design. But many drivers face issues with shifting gears, especially in the 2021 and up models.

If you attempted all these troubleshooting methods and none seemed to work for the “condition not correct for shift” on your EV, then I recommend you contact a dealership for a detailed service assessment. While you do that, it’s generally safe not to charge the vehicle until the issue is resolved.

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